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Garage Insulation

If your home has an attached garage, chances are you don’t even realize its effect on your home’s energy efficiency and temperature control. Garages are not only great for storage, but they’re also great for decreasing the comfort of your daily living spaces and you didn’t even know it. Talk to our experts today to see how we can make your garage and home more efficient and comfortable.

We offer the following types of Insulation services for your garage:

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose Insulation is an efficient, “green” solution made primarily from recycled materials. This option controls heating and cooling while being environmentally friendly and cost effective and is generally used in older homes and buildings.

Fiberglass Insulation

The traditional insulation fiberglass forms fire-resistant barriers that improve the safety of your home while also decreasing the amount of heat you lose. While this method has its benefits, it does not protect your space from air infiltration or minimize your energy bills the same way that spray foam is able to.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation comes in two different types: Open Cell Insulation and Closed Cell Insulation. Depending on the scope of your work would determine which one would be the right choice for you:
Open Cell Insulation
Open cell insulation, also known as low density spray foam, is an excellent and affordable solution that leaves you with a completely airtight seam that protects your space from outdoor elements and extreme weather. This type of insulation is most commonly used on specialty projects, renovations, and new construction.
Closed Cell Insulation
Closed cell insulation, also called high density foam, increases a building’s energy efficiency and has the highest R-Value per inch. This type of insulation is designed to meet your most extreme needs. Its density and glue-like tendencies, closed cell insulation adds excellent structural strength wherever it’s applied.

Contact Titanium Insulation to find out how we can help insulate your garage and save you money on energy costs.

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